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Orders to $15.00 = $4.95

Orders $15.01 to $50.00 = $2.95

Orders $50.01 to $200.00 = $4.95

Orders $200.01 to $300.00 = $6.95

Orders over $300.00 = $18.75

(Domestic Orders over $300.00 include an extra fee for Priority Mail & Tracking Number)

Foreign including Canada

Orders up to $50.00 = $6.95

Orders $50.01 to $200.00 = $13.45

Orders $200.01 to $300.00 = $18.95

Orders Over $300.00 = $21.95 ** 

**  NOTE: Foreign orders over $300.00 include the registration fee.

Very large or heavy orders might incur additional fees for postage actually used. Overseas postage prices are estimates. Actual postage and shipping fees may be added to all non-domestic shipments.

Occasionally, stamp prices will fluctuate and our database will not reflect the change immediately. Should this happen, we will inform you of the price change before we fill your order.

A restocking fee of 50% will apply to returns made (and accepted by Herrick) thirty days after shipment. This fee does not apply to items on extension for expertising with permission of Herrick. The restocking fee of 50% will apply to returns of installment purchases if made (and accepted by Herrick) after thirty days calculated from the date of the first installment payment.


Stamps offered from the year 1946 to date are, in general, from our leftover New Issue distributions. Photos of these are from our illustration library.

Pre-1946 illustrated stamps are from a private collection we have access to. There is no pretense made that all stamps are actually in stock.