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What Are My Stamps Worth Today?


We are increasingly asked this question. There is doubt about value and liquidity in a large part of the stamp collecting community. Herrick has many customers and we have been around a long time.
This means we have perspective and experience. It does not mean that we think things will revert to the go-go years of the last two decades. We do know that stamp collecting will remain popular and that collectors and dealers will continue to buy and sell.
The trends are that scarce stamps are rising in price and common stamps are falling in price. The exciting prices for rare stamps at public auction are thrilling to read about, but only affect perhaps one per cent of collectors and dealers. What about the rest of us?
The old advice of collect what you like is still the best counsel. But collectors and their spouses want to know about value nevertheless.
We know foreign stamps the best. In this large grouping our collectors have many of the moderately priced stamps from the 1935 to 1980 era  in their collections. There is decreasing demand for 1935-1980 era stamps.
Collectors want to buy what they do not have. Pre 1935 and post 1990 stamps are most in demand by collectors who deal with Herrick Stamp Company. This is a general observation based upon the few thousand internet orders received so far in 2009.
We think other dealers have the same experience. There seem to be few orders for the old bread and butter staples such as 1953 QEII  Coronation , USA Norse American and Swedish commems.  There are far more orders for smaller countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia, Tonga and Pitcairn than for France and Belgium. Topical orders are increasing for all stamp issuing years. Thematics are certainly trending higher.
We have a more complete discussion of the current stamp market of what is popular and what is not on our website in our current market report at: STAMP MARKET COMMENTARY


Frequently Asked Questions - HERRICK STAMP COMPANY

Q. What are the latest new issues? ( Our favorite question)
Q. I heard you had a lot of France Imperfs
Q. I heard you had 40 copies of USA#1 photographed and offered on your web site
Q. Do you have a block of four of the Pan American one cent invert in stock?
A.  Yes. A nice one.
Q. Can I read Global Stamp News past articles on your site?
Q  Can you recommend and illustrate some attractive and elusive special offers for me
Q Is it true that I speak to a person when I phone you and not a machine?
A. Yes
Q. What  Countries would you say are the best to collect today.
A. USA and Great Britain.
Q. Do you collect stamps personally?
A . Yes. I have more stamps than any other kid on my block.