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Philatelic Journals

There are many philatelic society journals published around the world. This column is designed to provide readers with basic information about those received for review. If you have interest in a particular one, an address is provided for you to contact the society or organization regarding membership. Knowledge is power, particularly in philately.

Here’s the latest batch for review:

The G.B.C.C. Chronicle is the journal of the Great Britain Collectors Club. The October 2006 issue included Larry Rosenblum’s report on Great Britain’s Machin issues, and Jim Kotanchik wrote about the official seals of Great Britain. The article was lavishly illustrated with examples of the various seals. And editor Paul Phillips wrote about warship mail of World War II. The journal is produced in the 8.5x11.75 inch format, and is saddlestitched and three hole punched. The editor is Paul Phillips of Cincinnati, Ohio. This issue had 32 pages.

For information, contact Secretary-Treasurer Parker Bailey, 2341 SW 86th Terrace, Davie, FL 33324. The electronic mail address is:

The British Caribbean Philatelic Journal is published by the British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group. The October-December 2006 issue included a lengthy and informative article by Jerone Hart on straight line registered hand-stamps of the Barbados post office from 1925 to 1950. Also, Dr. Eric Bateson wrote about American and Canadian providers of philatelic covers during the Empire Period (1890-1935) of the British West Indies, and Dr. Reuben A. Ram-kissoon discussed recent finds of scarce British West Indies slogan cancels. Jack Harwood wrote about postal orders in the British Caribbean. This issue had 32 pages and is published in the 8.5x11 inch format and saddlestitched. For information, contact Membership Director Tom Giraldi, 1305 Scottsdale Way, Modesto, CA 95355 (email:

First Issues is the journal of the First Issues Collectors Club. The October-December 2006 issue included a report by Louis Laflamme on first issues of the Canadian airmail semi-officials, and Bob Sylvester wrote about the first issues of German Africa. Tim Balm wrote about the first stamps of Palestine, Jordan and Israel, and Laflamme also contributed an update on British Columbia’s first stamp. The journal is prepared in the 8.5x11.0 inch format with a self cover and four pages are in color. The editor is Tim Balm of West Chester, Ohio. For information, contact Mr. Balm at 5580 Senour Dr., West Chester, OH 45069-1135.

The Pitcairn Log is a publication of the Pitcairn Islands Study Group. In the October-December 2006 issue, Vernon Kisling wrote about early Pitcairn stamp cancellers, and Dr. Herbert Ford wrote about his trip to Norfolk Island to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Pitcairners. Also, Mark Butterline reported on PISG activities at Washington 2006, and there is a listing of web resources.

The journal is produced in the 8.5x11 inch format and is saddlestitched. There is a color cover and several interior pages are in color. For information, contact Secretary Barbara Kuchau, 15411 97th Dr., Live Oak, FL 32060 (electronic mail address:

Gibbons Stamp Monthly is another major British philatelic magazine. The October 2006 issue contained the usual spectrum of columns, news items and in-depth research articles. Paul Brittain examined the benefits of a local stamp club, and John M. Deering discussed Machins in his column on British stamps. Peter Mansfield concluded his study on the use, disuse and reintroduction of numerical value indicators on United Kingdom revenue and postage stamps. This issue also had a special emphasis on the stamps of Canada. This synopsis only scratches the surface of the many articles in the monthly magazine, which had 182 pages in this issue. The magazine is published in the 8.25x11.75 inch format and per-fectbound. The editor is Hugh Jefferies. For information, contact Stanley Gibbons Ltd., 7 Parkside, Christchurch Road, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 3SH, UK.

The United States Specialist is a publication of the United States Stamp Society. The October 2006 issue included a continuation by Leonard Piszkiewicz on the Grinnells controversy, and Ronald E. Lesher wrote about the 1934 Red Bottle chromed iron plates used for the revenue stamp. Also, Joann Lenz wrote about fake defacement lines found on "For Testing Purposes Only" coils, and Stephen G. Esrati contributed the tenth part of his series on the Great Americans stamp series. There were other articles, and the journal had color throughout. This issue had 52 pages, and the journal is printed on coated stock paper and saddlestitched. Leonard Piszkiewicz of Santa Clara, California is the editor. For information, contact the Executive Secretary at P.O. Box 6634, Katy, TX 77491-6634.

Stamp News Australasia is a monthly stamp magazine from Down Under. The October 2006 issue of the always colorful magazine included Simon Dunkerley’s monthly column, Australia in Depth which reported on two new King George V single watermark 1.5d stamps which have come to light. Dave Elsmore contributed an article on Australian revenues, and Christer Brunström reported on Beijing’s stamp market. There were many other informative and well-researched articles in the magazine, which has full color throughout. It is published on coated stock paper in the 8.25x11.75 inch format. For information, contact Stamp News Pty Ltd., P.O. Box 1290, Upwey, Victoria 3158, Australia; website:

The Old World Archaeologist is the journal of the Old World Archaeological Study Unit of the American Topical Association. The October 2006 issue included Barbara Soper’s report on Mother Goddess figurines on stamps, and Caroline Scannell wrote about Baalbek, the Roman city of the sun. Each article is extensively illustrated with stamps. The journal is produced in the 8.5x11.0 inch format and stapled at upper left. There is color throughout, and the editor is Caroline Scannell of Smithtown, New York. For information, contact President Merle Farrington, 19 Clark St., Medway, MA 02053. The electronic mail address is:

Across the Fence is the newsletter of the Wisconsin Federation Stamp Clubs. The October 2006 issue included President Maurice D. Wozniak’s column Near Overload where he noted the Stampshow 2006 in Rosemont, Illinois last August was almost too much of a good thing for him. Also, there is information on the federation anniversary, and Art Schmitz wrote about the long arm of philately. The journal is prepared in the 8.5x11 inch format, and Wayne Youngblood of Iona, Wisconsin is the editor. For information, contact President Wozniak at 1010 Berlin St., Waupaca, WI 54981. The email address is:

North Carolina Postal Historian is the journal of the North Carolina Postal History Society. The Fall 2006 issue included profiles of the communities of Madison and Swansboro. Each is lavishly illustrated with color covers and ephemera. Tony Crumbley wrote about Madison, and Scott Troutman wrote about Swansboro. Troutman also wrote about a Confederate letter after the battle of Roanoke Island during the Civil War and contributed a short article and illustration of a cover from Plymouth, North Carolina. The journal is prepared in the 8.5x11 inch format on coated stock paper, and saddlestitched. There is color throughout, and this issue had 16 pages. The editors are Tony Crumbley of Charlotte, North Carolina and Terry Chappell of Durham, North Carolina. For information, contact Secretary-Treasurer William DiPaolo, 404 Dorado Ct., High Point, NC 27265.

That’s it for this time. If your society journal is not reviewed, it is likely because I do not receive it. Please ask that I be placed on your secretary or publisher’s mailing list. The address is: Dr. Everett L. Parker, 719 Moosehead Lake Road, Greenville, ME 04441-9727. Email:

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