What does "mint condition" mean?

A stamp which has never been used or cancelled. Most likely has its Full Original Gum.

What do the abbreviations on your stamp descriptions mean?

O.G. - Original Gum. The unaltered gum with which the stamp was originally issued.
LH - Lightly Hinged. A stamp which has been hinged (may have hinge remnant on the back). It will have original gum.
NH - Never Hinged. A stamp which has its full original gum and has never been hinged.
F/VF - Fine to Very Fine. Refers to the centering of a stamp, it may also be used to refer to the stamp's overall condition.

Approximately how long does it take for my order to be filled?

It usually takes up to a week for an order to be filled. If the order has new issues and older issues, it may take a little longer since it is going to two different departments.

What does BO stand for on my order?

Back ordered item. You usually see this on a new issue order placed. When we are out of stock on certain issues, we back order items and once we receive them we send them out to you.

What is Phosphour? How can you tell if a stamp has phosphour?

Phosphour is a surface coating that cancellation machines can read. Older phosphour stamps can be determined by holding the stamp at an angle to a light. More recent phosphour stamps can only be detected with a Black Light device.

What is New Issue?

A new issue stamp is currently on sale at a Domestic or Foreign Post Office.

What is Older Issue?

An older issue stamp is currently off sale at the post office of the issuing nation.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Money Orders and Checks (Must be payable in US Dollars).

Are the stamps I see on the image the one I am going to get?

In general, stamps priced below $25.00 have photos from our library and are examples of what you will receive. Higher priced stamps are usually the exact stamp you will receive.