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Aden Mint Stamps -

Prior to 1937 Aden used the stamps of India on almost all of its postage. Almost the entire range of the stamps of British India from 1854 up to 1937 can be found with Aden cancellations. Included are most of the numerous official stamps. The most frequent 19th century cancel was the numeral "124" in a lozenge. Beginning in 1975 a cancel B--22 between horizontal bars was used. In 1871 a second post office known as the Aden Cantonment (later as Aden Camp) was authorized to use the numeral "125" in its cancels. Later this was changed to A/124, and subsequently the cancel B--cc/1 was used. After 1891 a number of other post offices were opened including ones on the islands of Kamaran and Perim.

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Until 1951 Indian currency was used in Aden. In the late 19th century complications arose because the Indian rupee was a silver currency while the British pound was based on gold, but eventually a rate of 15 rupees to the pound was established. Since the value of the gold pound was fixed at $4.86, the value of the rupee was thus 32.4 cents in U.S. currency. By 1937 the British pound was no longer convertible to gold and was trading for about $4.00 in U.S. money. The rupee, which was still a silver coin, was fixed at 1s6d or about 30 cents in American money. Rupees are subdivided into 16 annas, each of which is worth 12 pies. In 1937 the control of Aden passed from the India Office to the Colonial Office, and because of this change special stamps were issued for Aden.

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