Every collector likes a bargain and Herrick Stamp Company likes to deliver one. If you can use large diversified groups of philatelic material priced below dealers normal wholesale cost then this club IS FOR YOU! If you only want a limited amount of all different complete mint NH sets then this club is NOT FOR YOU.

Our buyer travels the country buying over 100 collections and dealer stocks annually. Not all of these collections fit easily into our stock. Whatever is left over, goes into cardboard cartons and saved, "for the future".

Well really, how much miscellaneous material can we store? It is time to lighten the load a bit. We started to do so by offering to our Bargain of the Month buyers a special subscription to take our LOTS on a monthly basis. The deal was that we would send LOTS of material ON APPROVAL. If they kept the "LOT", then we would send another lot next month and continue. If they returned the lot, we would not send any more in the future.

A LOT to love in our monthly bargain lots:

If we knew in advance, we would not have to send them to you on approval. One thing we do know, these are NOT new issue lots. Nor do they contain great rarities (that we know of), rather a large assortment of stamps, mostly complete sets and some covers. We generally run at least 90% mint and always at PRICES THAT ARE TRULY OUTSTANDING. The fact is that we do not strictly control what goes in each lot. We open a carton, we spread out the material into piles and we place a dealers estimate on it. This is leftover material for us and we want to move it. Our prices are WAY below retail. We have to price it right because we send it to you on approval, and we will get it back unless we price it right. So what we do is… we price it right.

Each BIG BARGAIN LOT is priced at $195.00

Is there a possibility of duplication in each lot? YES
Can I return a lot for full refund if I am dissatisfied? YES
Can I select part of the lot and only buy what I want? NO
Will you send me the countries I want? YES
Are over 95% of the stamps in at least F-VF condition? YES
Might I get album pages and covers as well as complete sets?  PROBABLY
Will over 90% be foreign stamps?  YES
Will you send more lots to me on a regular basis if I like and keep the first one?  YES
Will I like the first lot you send me?  YES


Please complete the following form to join: