Collectible Antigua Postage Stamps

Antigua issued its first stamp in 1862 and regularly issued stamps until 1890 when the stamps of Leeward Islands became valid in various Caribbean Colonies. Between 1903 and 1956 the stamps of Antigua and Leeward Islands were both valid for postage.

The most famous Antigua stamp set is the 1932 Tercentenary commemoratives Scott #67-76. The 19th Century stamp issues are often difficult to identify and many of them exist today without gum. Centering on early Antigua stamps was very crude and well-centered stamps are rare.

The most beautiful stamp set is the King George VI set issued between 1938 and 1948. The Antigua King George VI set has a number of varieties listed in Gibbons Catalog and the designs were used for the first Antigua Queen Elizabeth II stamps issued for the years 1953-1965.

Used stamps of Antigua are particularly difficult to obtain and undervalued in the worldwide stamp catalogs. Some of the most popular of the more modern Antigua stamps are the uniform stamp series of the early 1970’s. Topical Antigua stamps have been issued for birds, Picasso, Darwin and particularly for Antigua World Wildlife Fund stamps. James Audubon bird stamps of Antigua and butterfly stamps of Antigua are among the most popular issues.

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