29% Of Scott Retail Stamp Club

A great opportunity to buy better stamps, really nice stamps at 29% of Scott. Sometimes even cheaper.....ON APPROVAL!

 We can supply never hinged, hinged stamps and used stamps at this special price to members of our 29% Stamp Club.

 We send to you worldwide stamps each month, and you choose what you want for a 71% discount from Scott. You can retain or return any of the stamps we send to you as you see fit. You or Herrick may cancel the approval service at any time.

What stamps do we send to you?

We cannot tell you in advance. We have an incoming flow of new material monthly. We generally buy lots at 20% to 25% of Scott; we take out what we need for stock or want lists, and clear the rest out at 29% to club members.

Usually monthly selections are 95% mint and of the mint, over 90% are never hinged.

The only way to determine if this club is really good for YOU is to try it out.

All stamps are returnable so there is nothing to lose!


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