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Older Polish Stamps - New Poland Stamps

While the first Poland stamp was issued in 1860, Polish stamps have had a long and varied history due to their relationship with neighbors as reflected in Polish philately. Up until the early pre-war years, Poland stamp issues were not very distinguished. But starting in the late 1930’s many interesting engraved issues were printed in Poland. The early Soviet issues of Poland stamps are today highly regarded as Poland stamp collecting is on the rise and the scarce stamps 1933 through 1959 are in great demand in Poland.
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View ImagePOLAND - Scott F11 Butterfly & Insects Part III (1 Value Only) MINT NH POLAF11H8Price: $5.63
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 1265 Olympics 1964 MINT NH POLA1265H8-XSPrice: $2.00
 POLAND - Scott 2678-81 1985 WWF Wolf MINT VF NH POLA2678-81H8Price: $6.00
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 3724, 3725 Vatican (2)-Pastoral Visits of Pope John Paul II to Poland Sheetlets of 4 Diff. w- Labels. Joint w MINT F/VF POLA3724,3725H8Price: $6.00
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 3783 My Favorite Readings MINT NH POLA3783H8Price: $4.00
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 3784 200th Anniv. Of National Museum in Wilanow MINT NH POLA3784H8Price: $4.00
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 3789 Helsinki 2005 World Athletes Championships MINT NH POLA3789H8Price: $4.00
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 3800-04 Capital Cities of E.U. States MINT NH POLA3800-04H8Price: $4.00
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 3821 Europa 2006 MINT NH POLA3821H8Price: $2.00
 POLAND - Scott 3859 Europa 2007 - 100 Years Scouting MINT NH POLA3859H8Price: $1.70
 POLAND - Scott 3906 Pres. of Republic in Exile MINT NH POLA3906H8Price: $5.84
 POLAND - Scott 3962 World Post Day 2009 MINT NH POLA3962H8Price: $2.00
 POLAND - Scott 4010 Europa 2011 MINT NH POLA4010H8Price: $2.25
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4037 Photography 2012 Strip of 4 Different (1) MINT NH POLA4037H8Price: $4.41
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4070-73 Economic & Priority Post Part 2 (4) MINT NH POLA4070-73H8Price: $11.14
 POLAND - Scott 4078 Europa 2013 MINT NH POLA4078H8Price: $2.58
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4088 2nd Scientific Satellite Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH POLA4088H8Price: $2.61
 POLAND - Scott 4089 Woodstock Festival 2012 S/A MINT NH POLA4089H8Price: $1.50
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4097 Lost Works of Art 2013 Strip of 3 Diff. - Paintings (1) MINT NH POLA4097H8Price: $4.45
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4100a Cinema & Theatre 2013 Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH POLA4100aH8-XSPrice: $4.43
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4102-05 Endangered Spiders (Embossed) (4) MINT NH POLA4102-05H8Price: $7.16
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4108 IAAF World Indoor Athletics Championship (1) MINT NH POLA4108H8Price: $2.88
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4109-10 Easter 2014 (2) MINT NH POLA4109-10H8Price: $3.90
 POLAND - Scott 4119 Europa 2014 MINT NH POLA4119H8Price: $3.15
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4124 Athletic Coaches Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH POLA4124H8Price: $5.40
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4133 Volleyball Men's Championship 2014 Sheetlet of 6 Diff. (1) MINT NH POLA4133H8Price: $12.04
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4157 World Youth Day Part 1 (1) MINT NH POLA4157H8Price: $2.09
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4168-69 World Youth Day 2015 (Pope John Paul II) (2) MINT NH POLA4168-69H8-XSPrice: $3.22
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4175 World Blood Donor Day (1) MINT NH POLA4175H8-XSPrice: $0.81
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4177 Jan Potocki (1) MINT NH POLA4177H8-XSPrice: $2.31
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4181 Presidency Council of Baltic Sea States (1) MINT NH POLA4181H8Price: $2.31
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4186 Optimist Sailing World Championship 2015 (1) MINT NH POLA4186H8-XSPrice: $0.82
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4189-90 Quotations (2) MINT NH POLA4189-90H8Price: $2.75
View ImagePOLAND - Scott 4192 50th Anniv. Letter of Reconciliation to German Bishops (1) MINT NH POLA4192H8-XSPrice: $0.79
 POLAND - Scott B143A Italia '85 S/S Inscribed MINT NH POLAB143AH8Price: $3.00
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE 150 Years National Museum in Warsaw Souvenir Sheet (1) MINT NH POLAR413Price 1-2: $1.98
Price 3+: $1.59
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE Sunflower (1) MINT NH POLAR491Price: $0.47
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE Enchanted Beauty in the Metal Sheetlet of 4 Different (1) MINT NH POLAR496Price: $3.88
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE Flowers (1) MINT NH POLAR504Price: $0.33
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE Cornflower (1) MINT NH POLAR510Price: $0.33
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE Jubilee Year of Compassion (1) MINT NH POLAR512Price: $1.16
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE Family (1) MINT NH POLAR516Price: $1.66
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE Saffron Flower (1) MINT NH POLAR518Price: $0.33
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE Anders Army Trail of Hope (WWII) (1) MINT NH POLAR521Price: $1.14
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE Scientists Sheetlet of 6 Different (1) MINT NH POLAR526Price: $6.48
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE Cranberries (1) MINT NH POLAR531Price: $0.33
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE Rio 2016 Gold Medal Winners (2) MINT NH POLAR531Price: $2.20
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE Vive Kielce Soccer Club (1) MINT NH POLAR531Price: $1.63
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE World Day of the Sick with Gold Foil (1) MINT NH POLAR535Price: $2.42
View ImagePOLAND - Scott NEW ISSUE Easter 2017 (2) MINT NH POLAR537Price: $4.15

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When Pope John Paul II visited Poland, Polish stamp collecting took an extra jump upwards as Pope John Paul stamps became popular in the mainstream of Polish philately.
Herrick has been fortunate in obtaining some at one time controversial Poland stamps. These are the Poland stamps issued during World War II for the exile government located in Great Britain. These Polish stamps scott #3k1 through #3k20 are most interesting.
These Polish stamps were printed in Britain to fortify the legitimacy of the exile government of Poland. For many years Scott Catalog did not recognize these Polish stamps but about twenty years ago they listed and illustrated all of them. Poland World War II stamp such as these are in great demand as they were never really available in Poland.
British stamp dealers have had stocks of these Poland World War II stamps for many years but now they are mostly dispersed. Used Poland stamps from the exile government should be much scarcer. Herrick does not have these used Polish stamps: but we do have a nice supply of fresh mint Poland exile government stamps. Please see our listings for Poland Scott #3k1 through Poland Scott #3k20.

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All new Poland stamps are listed and illustrated every two weeks in the new issue stamp section of our website
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Check out Herrick Stamp often for all the news of Poland stamps and special offers of older Polish stamp issues.