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Ivory Coast Mint Stamps - Ivory Coast Newest Stamps

Close ties to France since independence in 1960, the development of cocoa production for export, and foreign investment made Cote 'Ivoire one of the most prosperous of the West African states.
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View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott UNL Butterflies Souvenir Sheets (2) MINT NH IVRYUNLH8Price: $11.56
 IVORY COAST - Scott 184,186-89 Plants and Orchids MINT NH IVRY184,186-89H8Price: $6.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 193-95,C17 Sports Set of 4 MINT NH IVRY193-95,C17H8-XSPrice: $3.50
 IVORY COAST - Scott 198 Flag MINT NH IVRY198H8-XSPrice: $2.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 245, 247, 249, 251 Commen's (4) MINT NH IVRY245,247,249,251H8-XSPrice: $3.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 252 Seaplane MINT NH IVRY252H8-XSPrice: $3.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 253-55 Pineapple, Bananas MINT NH IVRY253-55H8-XSPrice: $3.50
 IVORY COAST - Scott 274 Antelope MINT NH IVRY274H8Price: $4.50
 IVORY COAST - Scott 279-81 Commems MINT NH IVRY279-81H8Price: $2.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 299 Power Plant MINT NH IVRY299H8-XSPrice: $2.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 300 Postbus MINT NH IVRY300H8-XSPrice: $2.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 315-17 Commems MINT NH IVRY315-17H8-XSPrice: $2.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 371-76 President MINT NH IVRY371-76H8Price: $3.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 378-82 Arms Better Set MINT NH IVRY378-82H8-XSPrice: $3.50
 IVORY COAST - Scott 404-05 Art MINT NH IVRY404-405H8-XSPrice: $3.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 413 Cashew MINT NH IVRY413H8-XSPrice: $2.00
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott 421-25 American Bicentennial MINT NH IVRY421-425H8-XSPrice: $7.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 421-25 American Bicentennial Imperf MINT NH IVRY421-25H8Price: $19.00
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott 426 Am. Bicentennial S/S MINT NH IVRY426H8-XSPrice: $4.50
 IVORY COAST - Scott 450A President Visit MINT NH IVRY450AH8-XSPrice: $7.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 466-70 Soccer MINT NH IVRY466-470H8Price: $6.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 471 Soccer Cup FIFA S/S MINT NH IVRY471H8-XSPrice: $4.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 495-97 Flowers MINT NH IVRY495-97H8-XSPrice: $4.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 519 Locomotive Imperf S/S MINT NH IVRY519H8Price: $9.00
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott 528-33 1979 Wildlife W.W.F. MINT VF NH IVRY528-33H8-XSPrice: $22.95
 IVORY COAST - Scott 556-58 Fish MINT NH IVRY556-58H8Price: $10.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 559-60 Reptiles MINT NH IVRY559-60H8Price: $6.00
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott 565-66 Grasshoppers MINT NH IVRY565-66H8Price: $7.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott 627 Princess Diana MINT NH IVRY627H8Price: $2.50
 IVORY COAST - Scott 635 Scout S/S MINT NH IVRY635H8Price: $4.00
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott 674-78 Easter Paintings MINT NH IVRY674-78H8-XSPrice: $9.15
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott 680-82 Birds MINT NH IVRY680-82H8Price: $13.00
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott 698-701 Raphael Paintings MINT NH IVRY698-701H8Price: $8.50
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott 723,25,27,29 Ships Only MINT NH IVRY723,25,27,29H8-XSPrice: $6.50
 IVORY COAST - Scott C16 500Fr Dam MINT LH IVRYC16H8Price: $4.00
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott C20 1962 Village MINT NH IVRYC20H8Price: $9.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott C23 100Fr Sassandra Bay MINT NH IVRYC23H8Price: $3.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott C28 Elephant MINT NH IVRYC28H8-XSPrice: $3.00
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott C33 Hotel MINT NH IVRYC33H8-XSPrice: $8.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott C37 Painting MINT NH IVRYC37H8-XSPrice: $4.00
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott C38-40 Stamp Anniversary MINT NH IVRYC38-40H8Price: $10.00
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott C40A Stamp Anniversary S/S MINT NH IVRYC40AH8-XSPrice: $15.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott C45 1971 MINT NH IVRYC45H8Price: $10.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott C48-49 Venice MINT NH IVRYC48-49H8Price: $6.00
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott C50 High Value MINT NH IVRYC50H8Price: $9.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott C53 Kossou Dam MINT NH IVRYC53H8-XSPrice: $6.00
 IVORY COAST - Scott C61 Royal Artifacts MINT NH IVRYC61H8-XSPrice: $3.50
 IVORY COAST - Scott C62 Mosque MINT NH IVRYC62H8-XSPrice: $4.00
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott C66-69 Olympics 1980 MINT NH IVRYC66-69H8Price: $6.95
View ImageIVORY COAST - Scott C70 Olympic S/S MINT NH IVRYC70H8-XSPrice: $4.00

Pageof 2  View:   Total Results: 80   Displaying: 1 to 50    | Next

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Early stamp issues from the French Colonial area are in great demand. Never hinged pre 1960 Ivory Coast stamps are very difficult to find and bring large premiums over hinged stamp prices. The parcel post issues of particular interest as on some values only 100 stamps were ever printed.
Post Independence Ivory Coast stamps are well printed with many topical issues. They are under appreciated and under valued in the market. Herrick Stamp Company maintains a stock of Ivory Coast stamps, but once we are sold out of an issue, there is no wholesale stamps stock anywhere to replenish our inventory.
In fact, French dealers order Ivory Coast stamp and other former French Colony stamps from our website at retail prices and do not even bother to ask for a dealer discount. Our prices must be right for this to happen.
New issue stamps of Ivory Coast stamps are something of a mystery. We have seen no recent examples on our mail or in stamp catalogues. We do not know if there are new stamps being printed and used or not. We welcome any information about Ivory Coast new issue stamps.