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Cyprus Mint Stamps - Cyprus Newest Stamps

A former British colony, Cyprus became independent in 1960 following years of resistance to British rule. Tensions between the Greek Cypriot majority and Turkish Cypriot minority came to a head in December 1963, when violence broke out. In 1974, A Greek Government-sponsored attempt to seize control of Cyprus was met by military intervention from Turkey, which soon controlled more than a third of the island. In 1973, the Turkish-held area declared itself the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” (“TRNC”), it is recognized by only Turkey.
Early Cyprus stamps are overprinted on Queen Victoria stamp issues from Great Britain. These are quite popular with stamp collectors. In 1928 there was a philatelic breakthrough of sorts with the issuance of a ten value Cyprus stamp set to commemorate 50 years as a British Colony. This was a multicolored, engraved KGV stamp set that was very popular with collectors and still is today. Listed by Scott as # 114-23 Cyprus stamp, Cyprus stamps, Herrick Stamp Cypriot stamps showed local scenes and were finely produced. This is a set worth having.
Subsequent Cyprus stamp issues for KGVI and QEII followed in this tradition of high quality, scenic stamps.
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View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 140-42 1937 Coronation MINT NH CYPB140-42H8-XS-PRE53Price: $2.75
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 158-59 Silver Wedding blocks of Four. Beautiful top value corner block. Fresh set. One #159 natural paper inclusion upper right stamp of block. Very desirable MINT NH CYPB158-59H5Price: $195.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 158-59 1948 Wedding Blocks MINT NH CYPB158-59H5Price: $149.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 166 King George VI MINT NH CYPB166H8-PRE53Price: $2.00
 CYPRUS - Scott 198-200 Constitution MINT NH CYPB198-200H8-XSPrice: $2.90
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 201-03 Europa 1961 MINT VF NH CYPB201-03H8-XSPrice: $2.00
View ImageCYPRUS (BR) - Scott 224-26 Scouts Specimen Overprint MINT NH CYPB224-26H5Price: $115.00
 CYPRUS - Scott 227-28 Red Cross MINT NH CYPB227-28H8-XSTPrice: $3.40
 CYPRUS - Scott 232-36 U.N. MINT NH CYPB232-36H8-XSPrice: $2.00
 CYPRUS - Scott 237-40 Shakespeare MINT NH CYPB237-40H8Price: $2.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 243A Olympics 1964 S/S MINT NH CYPB243AH8-XSPrice: $3.95
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 244-46 Europa 1964 MINT NH CYPB244-46FOTOGPrice: $8.95
 CYPRUS - Scott 247-50 Cyprus Wines MINT NH CYPB247-50H8Price: $4.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 253A Kennedy S/S MINT NH CYPB253AH8-XSTPrice: $3.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 257-59 I.T.U. MINT NH CYPB257-59H8Price: $10.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 260-61 I.C.Y. MINT NH CYPB260-61H8-XSPrice: $3.00
 CYPRUS - Scott 380-82 Europa MINT NH CYPB380-82H8-XSTPrice: $3.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 452-63 Art 1976 MINT NH CYPB452-63H8Price: $6.95
 CYPRUS - Scott 621-23 Old Engravings MINT NH CYPB621-23H8Price: $1.60
 CYPRUS - Scott 633-36 Anniversaries MINT NH CYPB633-36H8Price: $2.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 669-70 Europa 1986 MINT NH CYPB669-70H8-XSTPrice: $1.60
 CYPRUS - Scott 677A Halley's Comet Setenant Pair MINT NH CYPB677AH8-XSTPrice: $3.00
 CYPRUS - Scott 684-85 Landscapes Ovpt. MINT NH CYPB684-85H8-XSTPrice: $2.00
 CYPRUS - Scott 693-95 Anniversary Events MINT NH CYPB693-95H8Price: $2.60
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 705-08 Olympics 1988 Seoul (Specimen) MINT NH CYPB705-08H8Price: $33.00
 CYPRUS - Scott 709-11 Conference (Specimen) MINT NH CYPB709-11H8Price: $4.50
 CYPRUS - Scott 713-15 Christmas 1988. Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CYPB713-15H8-XSPrice: $7.00
 CYPRUS - Scott 716 U.N. Human Rights. Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CYPB716H8-XSPrice: $6.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 721 Sport Souvenir Sheet MINT NH CYPB721H8-XSTPrice: $5.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 726 French Revolution (Specimen) MINT NH CYPB726H8Price: $5.50
 CYPRUS - Scott 727-28 Parliamentary MINT NH CYPB727-28H8Price: $1.85
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 727-28 Interparliamentary Union (Specimen) MINT NH CYPB727-28H8Price: $5.50
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 811-12 Europa 1993(2) MINT NH CYPB811-12H8Price: $3.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 829-32 Olympics Etc. Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CYPB829-32H8-XSPrice: $14.00
 CYPRUS - Scott 833-34 Turkish Occupation. Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CYPB833-34H8-XSPrice: $4.50
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 843-56 1994 Costumes Set of 14 Specimen Overprint. Less Than 100 Exist. MINT NH CYPB843-56FOTOGPrice: $39.00
 CYPRUS - Scott 869-70 European Culture. Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CYPB869-70H8-XSPrice: $6.00
 CYPRUS - Scott 872-75 Volleyball, Guns, Europe. Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CYPB872-75H8-XSPrice: $8.50
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 883-84 Europa 1996 (2) MINT NH CYPB883-84H8-XSTPrice: $2.50
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 918-19 Europa 1998 (2) MINT NH CYPB918-19H8-XSTPrice: $4.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 939 Maritime Heritage S/S MINT NH CYPB939H8-XSTPrice: $3.89
 CYPRUS - Scott 957 Red Cross MINT NH CYPB957H8-XSTPrice: $2.00
 CYPRUS - Scott 982 Author. Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CYPB982H8-XSPrice: $3.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 986-87 Cats Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CYPB986-87H8Price: $16.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 995 Teachers Specimen Ovpt. NH CYPB995H8Price: $14.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 996-97 Europhilex '02 Expo Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CYPB996-97H8Price: $8.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 998 Nude Souvenir Sheet, Maps Specimen Overprint MINT NH CYPB998FOTOGPrice: $29.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 1002 Antique Automobiles Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CYPB1002H8Price: $14.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 1003-04 Europa 2003 Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CYPB1003-04H8Price: $29.00
View ImageCYPRUS - Scott 1005 European Ministers of Education Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CYPB1005H8Price: $10.00

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In 1960, Cyprus became a self governing Republic and overprinted the current QEII Cyprus stamp set in Greek and Turkish to proclaim this new status. This set, Cyprus Scott # 183-97 Cyprus stamp, Cyprus stamps, Herrick Stamp became an overnight sensation in philately. Freely available at the post office, dealers were unprepared for an outpouring of Europe wide demand for this newest “European” country. Prices rose fast, speculators bought and sold and there was “heat” to the issue.
This set the stage for a number of “hot “stamp issues from Cyprus that continued until the bubble burst in 1966. Currently, stamp prices and demand are quite a bit tamer. While there are many nice topical issues , there was weak currency and prices have stagnated.
With the introduction of the Euro in 2008, stamp prices firmed up again. In 2006 there was a limited release of SPECIMEN overprinted stamps that continues this day. We believe under 100 exist of each SPECIMEN overprinted issue.
Collectors should be on the look out for a very very scarce Cyprus issue. This is the 1995 5 Pound surcharge on Scott #871. It was a limited issue, not listed yet by Scott, but listed in European catalogues. We believe fewer than 2000 exist.

To see the latest Cyprus new stamp issues please see the New Issue Listings at Herrick Stamp Company website.