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Colombia Mint Stamps - Colombia Newest Stamps

Colombia was one of the three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830 (the others are Ecuador and Venezuela).
The first stamps of Colombia were issued in 1859 and continue right up to the present day. Old states of Columbia such as Antioquia, Bolivar, Boyacá and others are among the most interesting stamps to collect. Often overlooked by American collectors because they seem cheap and unattractive, they are actually hard to obtain and pre 1940 era collectors avidly seek these stamps. Early Columbia stamps from states are undervalued in Scott but correctly priced in Michel and thus Europeans are regular buyers of these stamps at American Auctions.
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View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1389 London 2012 Medal Winners Souvenir Sheet of 4 with Labels (1) MINT NH COLM1389H8Price 1-2: $8.32
Price 3+: $6.95
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1391 200 Years Constitutions Sheetlet of 6 Different (1) MINT NH COLM1391H8Price: $4.46
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1393 Cundinamarca Dept. M/S of 12 Diff. MINT NH COLM1393H8Price: $40.07
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1394 World Games 2013 with Label (1) MINT NH COLM1394H8Price: $2.45
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1395 100th Anniv. of Medellin Independent Sports (1) MINT NH COLM1395H8Price: $5.03
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1397 Alfonso Palacio Rudas (1) MINT NH COLM1397H8Price: $7.83
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1398 Soledad Acosta de Samper (1) MINT NH COLM1398H8Price: $3.16
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1406 Crafts - Masks with Label (1) MINT NH COLM1406H8Price: $11.33
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1407c World Cup Soccer Brazil 2014 Limited Booklet of 5 S/S's of Host Country Teams (1) MINT NH COLM1407cH8Price: $67.31
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott C34 Corner Block of Four MINT VF NH COLMC34H5Price: $295.00
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott C289-90 1957 Ovpts. Elusive Set MINT NH COLMC289-90FOTOGPrice: $6.95
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott C489-91 Orchids MINT NH COLMC489-91H8Price: $10.00
 COLOMBIA - Scott C651-52 Large Painting MINT NH COLMC651-52H8Price: $3.00
 COLOMBIA - Scott C666 Philatelic Exhib. S/S MINT NH COLMC666H8-XSPrice: $3.00
 COLOMBIA - Scott C702-04 Large Size Modern Art MINT NH COLMC702-04H8-XSPrice: $2.50
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott C722-27 Tairona Culture MINT VF NH COLMC722-27H8Price: $7.77
 COLOMBIA - Scott C863 Beatification of Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer MINT NH COLMC863H8-XSPrice: $1.60
 COLOMBIA - Scott C897 Palm Tree MINT NH COLMC897H8Price: $1.70
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott NEW ISSUE National & Paranational Games 2015 Souvenir Sheet with Gold Foil (1) MINT NH COLMR502Price: $10.39
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott NEW ISSUE Centro de Relevo (1) MINT NH COLMR534Price: $3.21
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott NEW ISSUE 300 Years Masons (1) MINT NH COLMH546Price 1-2: $0.35
Price 3+: $0.30
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott NEW ISSUE National Federation Coffee Growers (1) MINT NH COLMH546Price 1-2: $0.33
Price 3+: $0.30
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott NEW ISSUE 75th Anniv. Caro & Cuervo's Institute Strip of 3 Different (1) MINT NH COLMH549Price 1-2: $1.36
Price 3+: $1.01
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott NEW ISSUE 30th Anniv. Matamoros Souvenir Sheet - High Face Value (1) MINT NH COLMH549Price 1-2: $38.16
Price 3+: $28.37
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1365 House of Bolivar (1) MINT NH COLM1365R405Price: $1.77
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1368 UPAEP 2011 Postbox (1) MINT NH COLM1368R404Price: $0.74
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1380 Debora Arango, Painter (1) MINT NH COLM1380R423Price: $2.59
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1409-10 4-72 Service 2015 Self-Adhesive High Face Value (2) MINT NH COLM1409-10R491Price: $44.89
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1426 Manuel Mejia Vallejo Self-Adhesive (1) MINT NH COLM1426R502Price: $24.95
View ImageCOLOMBIA - Scott 1429 Christmas 2015 (1) MINT NH COLM1429R507Price: $9.42

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Colombia is one of our favorite countries to collect. There are no philatelic agents and stamps are freely available locally, but hard to find in commercial quantity for dealers to import into the USA.
Columbian topical stamp designs have a national connection and are very well designed. Recent Columbia stamp issues have shown imaginative stamp designs to reflect the high quality of Columbia’s stamp artistic talent base. Take a look for yourself at Columbia. We think you will like to collect this country.

To see the latest Colombia new stamp issues please see the New Issue Listings at Herrick Stamp Company website.