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China-Taiwan Mint Stamps - China-Taiwan Newest Postage Stamps

All China Taiwan stamps are in demand from the Asian and American market. Chinese stamps from Taiwan have not seen the tremendous price appreciating that occurred with stamps from China PRC. Yet they are collected on the mainland and in America; Taiwan stamps might be more popular that China PRC stamp issues

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View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 361 Margin Block. Two stamps LH Superb NH, LH CHNN361H5Price: $25.00
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 1355-58 Emperors - Various Dynasties (4 Values) MINT VF NH CHNN1355-58H5Price: $449.00
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 1775 1972 ROCPEX Wholesale Lot of 15 S/S's. MINT VF NH CHNN1775WPrice: $30.00
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2089A 1978 Wholesale Lot of 8 S/S's. MINT NH CHNN2089AWPrice: $35.00
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2181-82 Rotary Specimen MINT NH CHNN2181-82H8Price: $7.00
 CHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2227-28 Disabled Year Specimen MINT NH CHNN2227-28H8Price: $3.00
 CHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2359-60 Italian Missionary Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CHNN2359-60H8Price: $4.95
 CHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2432A Sport Pair Specimen MINT NH CHNN2432AH8Price: $4.00
 CHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2472-75 Ancient Costume Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CHNN2472-75H8Price: $8.50
 CHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2476 Social Welfare Specimen Ovpt. MINT NH CHNN2476H8Price: $2.20
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2495-97 Blossom's Specimen MINT NH CHNN2495-97H8Price: $2.00
 CHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2536-37 Productivity Center Specimen MINT NH CHNN2536-37H8Price: $3.00
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2560A 1986 Chinag Kai-Shek Wholesale Lot of 30 S/S's. MINT NH CHNN2560AWPrice: $99.00
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2566A New Year Wholesale Lot of 6 S/S's. MINT NH CHNN2566AWPrice: $35.00
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2665A S.-1989 Year of the Snake S-S Wholesale Lot of 9 S MINT VF NH CHNN2665AWPrice: $55.00
 CHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2768AB Auspicious Booklet Retail $14.00 MINT NH CHNN2768ABH8Price: $6.00
 CHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 2895e Children Toy Booklet MINT VF NH CHNN2895eLRPrice: $5.40
 CHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 3344 Fruit (Specimen Ovpt) MINT VF NH CHNN3344H8Price: $2.00
 CHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 3906-08,3934 Flowers 2010 Specimen MINT NH CHNN3906-08,3934H8Price: $5.00
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 3993-94 Greetings Block of 10 Specimens (Folded) MINT NH CHNN3993-94H8Price: $10.00
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 4011 Cent. Republic of China Strip of 4 Specimen MINT NH CHNN4011H8Price: $13.00
 CHINA-TAIWAN - Scott 4114-17 Congratulations MINT NH CHNN4114-17H8Price: $1.50
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott NEW ISSUE Swan Goose Paintings Joint with China People's Rep. (1) MINT NH CHNNR466Price: $0.47
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott NEW ISSUE Fruits 2017 Part 2 (4) MINT NH CHNNH549Price 1-2: $2.45
Price 3+: $1.63
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott NEW ISSUE 30th Anniv. of Cross - Strait Exchanges (2) MINT NH CHNNH549Price 1-2: $2.02
Price 3+: $1.34
View ImageCHINA-TAIWAN - Scott NEW ISSUE Birds Conservation 2017 Souvenir Sheets (2) MINT NH CHNNH551Price 1-2: $3.60
Price 3+: $2.35

Pageof 1  View:   Total Results: 26   Displaying: 1 to 26    | 

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From the Cold War era, China Taiwan has retained many American friendships and business relations that have made stamp collecting popular. Additionally high quality printing and very attractive stamp designs have fueled a growing interest in China stamps.
We particularly like China Jade and China New Year commemorative stamps and souvenir sheet issues. Herrick is an official agent for China Taiwan postage stamps and we sell complete sheets of China Taiwan stamps at face value on our website. We also have a nice representation of China stamps for retail sale as well.
There is room for growth of interest in China Taiwan stamps as political development with the mainland increases and PRC buyers become more familiar with Taiwan postage stamps.

To see the latest worldwide new stamp issues please see the New Issue Listings at Herrick Stamp Company website.