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Canada Mint Stamps - Canada New Issue Stamps

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View ImageCANADA - Scott 1 Repaired w/certificate, Scott value $40,000.00. MINT LH CAND1BILL-KENPrice: $9500.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 1 1851 three pence beaver, large margin, light cancel, very presentable stamp. Small scissor cut in margin only at bottom. A very fine four margin copy. USED CAND1H5Price: $389.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 4 1852 three pence beaver superb lightly cancelled copy. A real beauty. USED CAND4H5Price: $175.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 4 1852 mint beaver with large part original gum. Piece of album adhering to back from old-fashioned collection. Fresh color, nice gum and huge margins make this a most desirable stamp. MINT LH CAND4BILL-KENPrice: $590.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 5 1855 Prince Albert four margin handsome copy very fine with neat circular cancel. USED CAND5H5Price: $590.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 5 1855 Prince Albert four margin handsome copy very fine with neat circular cancel. USED CAND5H5Price: $589.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 7 1855 Jacques Cartier handsome four margin copy with ample margins top and right. Light cancel and very attractive. Scott $1750.00. USED CAND7H5Price: $449.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 7 Outstanding 1855 Jacques Cartier four margin stamp. Very fine high quality issue. USED CAND7H5Price: $589.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 7A 1855 Jacques Cartier thick paper variety just the way it should look. Nice cancellation, no flaws, huge margins, just a wonderful stamp. USED CAND7AH5Price: $890.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 8 1857 Queen Victoria handsome four margin copy showing part of adjoining stamp at bottom, original gum. Very attractive. MINT LH CAND8H5Price: $390.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 8 1857 Victoria. Scott Retail $1100.00 MINT LH CAND8H5Price: $295.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 9 1857 Queen victoria rare stamp. Handsome four margin copy with neat cancel. Very difficult to obtain this nice. USED CAND9H5Price: $1190.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 10 Beautiful copy of a rare stamp. Large even margins, fresh color, original gum. Insignificant hinge thin does not detract from the beauty and rarity of this stamp. Scott $32,500.00 MINT NG CAND10BILL-KENPrice: $6400.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 12 1858 three pence perf 12 rare stamp so much better centered than usual that this must be considered superb. USED CAND12H5Price: $490.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 14 1859 one cent rose superb copy. Very difficult to find in this exceptional quality. USED CAND14H5Price: $100.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 16 Ten cent black brown intense deep color well centered according to scott's criteria for perfs touching design on this issue. Face clear of cancel. Rare stamp, retail value $6500.00 USED CAND16H5Price: $1900.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 19 VF Original gum Stanley Gibbons #42 signed Bloch w/Royal Certificate 1979 MINT LH CAND19H5Price: $750.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 19 Seventeen cent Cartier exceptionally fresh unused. Very pretty indeed. MINT NG CAND19BILLPrice: $195.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 45 Scarce Stamp. Well Centered. Scott $725.00 MINT LH CAND45H5Price: $139.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 45 1888 Ten cent red brown Ottawa Printing Fine copy. Scott Retail $725.00. Priced Right MINT LH CAND45H5Price: $99.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 45 Large Size Mint Stamp. Catalogue Value $725.00. Sound original gum stamp. For quality of stamp, please see photo. MINT OG CAND45H5Price: $99.50
View ImageCANADA - Scott 50 1897. Nice copy USED CAND50H5Price: $39.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 50-60 1897 Jubilee to 50¢. Fresh colors, average hinging. Scott Retail $1732.00 MINT F Hinged CAND50-60H5Price: $239.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 51-53 Special Cancellations USED Superb CAND51-53H5Price: $29.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 56 Well Centered, Fresh Color, Immaculate Gum MINT Superb NH CAND56H5Price: $165.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 56 Fresh, Beautiful Queen Victoria Issue MINT VF NH CAND56H5Price: $139.50
View ImageCANADA - Scott 56 Large Margin Jubilee Issue MINT NH CAND56H5Price: $139.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 56 Fresh, Lovely Queen Victoria Stamp MINT LH CAND56H5Price: $49.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 57 10¢ Brown Violet Jubilee XF MINT NH CAND57H5Price: $195.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 59 Fresh 20 Cent Vermillion MINT F LH CAND59H5Price: $89.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 59 Beautiful and fresh margin copy. Intense color MINT NH CAND59H5Price: $295.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 61 Perfect Extra Fine Copy MINT NH CAND61H5Price: $1250.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 61 Bright Fresh Stamp, both front and back MINT LH CAND61H5Price: $545.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 62 1897 $2.00 Jubilee beautiful large margined superb copy with Philatelic Foundation certificate. Original gum. One of the finest copies we ever saw. MINT CAND62H5Price: $1250.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 63 Bright color, perfect centering. What more could you want? Superb Hinged MINT Superb Hinged CAND63H5Price: $1395.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 65 Fresh Stamp, Perfectly Centered. VF Hinged MINT VF Hinged CAND65H5Price: $1095.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 66-70 Victoria Block of 4. Cat. $1330.00. MINT H CAND66-70H5Price: $195.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 74 Plate Block of 6 MINT NH CAND74H5Price: $39.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 74, 76-77 Fresh Blocks of Four. Catalogue Value $820.00 MINT F/VF NH CAND74,76-77H5Price: $195.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 74--232 Pre-War NH Collection. 2015 Scott Retail $1000.00 MINT F/VF NH CAND74--232H5Price: $149.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 84 Very Fresh Stamp. Catalogue value $1300.00 MINT Fine NH CAND84H5Price: $249.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 85-86 1898 First Christmas Stamps MINT NH CAND85-86FOTOG-PRE53Price: $69.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 85a-86a Imperf Christmas Blocks of Four MINT VF NG CAND85a-86aBILL-KENPrice: $1395.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 87 Fresh corner Block of 10. Catalogue value $450.00. MINT F NH CAND87H5Price: $99.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 87-88 1899 High Quality Blocks MINT VF NH CAND87-88H5Price: $179.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 94 20¢ Edward VII. Catalogue value $800.00. MINT LH CAND94H5Price: $199.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 95 Fifty cent 1908 King Edward superb plate strip of three. Great color and centering. Natural gum skip on one stamp hard to find anything nicer than this. MINT NH CAND95BILL-KENPrice: $3500.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 96-103 Beautiful blocks of 4 except for the 20 cent LH, All very pretty MINT NH CAND96-103BILL-KENPrice: $2500.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 96-103 Superb NH Blocks of 4. Very nice quality hard to find on all values except for 7 cent block which has 2 hinged copies and needs to be replaced. Nevertheless a very rare and beautiful grouping. MINT NH CAND96-103BILLPrice: $2900.00
View ImageCANADA - Scott 109 3ó Admiral Fresh MINT VF NH CAND109H8-PRE53Price: $21.00

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