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Burkina Faso Mint Stamps - Burkina Faso Newest Stamps

Burkino Faso (former Upper Volta) achieved independence from France in 1960. Early issues are of the typical French colonial designs with printing and the marketing done in France. More recently there have been local issues and no philatelic distribution at all. Stamps of Burkino Faso are very difficult to obtain and Scotts have done a good job in listing stamps of the last ten years. However dealers have not been able to obtain these stamps and so there is very very little on the market from Burkino Faso.
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 BURKINA FASO - Scott 103-05 Sport Games MINT NH BURF103-05H8Price: $2.00
 BURKINA FASO - Scott 207-12 Masks MINT NH BURF207-12H8Price: $2.00
 BURKINA FASO - Scott 275-79,C106 Second Five Year Plan MINT NH BURF275-79,C106H8Price: $2.00
 BURKINA FASO - Scott 358 American Bicentennial S/S MINT NH BURF358H8-XSTPrice: $5.00
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott 434-35 De Gaulle MINT NH BURF434-35H8Price: $3.00
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott 506-11 1979 Plains Animals W.W.F. MINT VF NH BURF506-11H8-EBAY-XSTPrice: $21.00
 BURKINA FASO - Scott 528-29 Pope John Paul II MINT NH BURF528-29H8-XSTPrice: $6.00
 BURKINA FASO - Scott 661, 663, 665, 667 Sailing Ships MINT NH BURF661,663,665,667H8Price: $3.00
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott 681-87 Soccer Cup MINT NH BURF681-87H8-XSTPrice: $4.14
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott 688 Soccer Cup S/S MINT NH BURF688H8-XSTPrice: $3.06
 BURKINA FASO - Scott 860-63 Gandhi MINT NH BURF860-63H8Price: $8.78
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott 987-89 Domestic Animals MINT NH BURF987-89H8-XSTPrice: $10.47
 BURKINA FASO - Scott 1049-50 U.N. 50th Anniversary MINT NH BURF1049-50H8Price: $5.79
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott 1083-86 Orchids (Flowers) MINT NH BURF1083-86H8Price: $6.00
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott 1342-43 Cooperation with Germany (2) MINT NH BURF1342-43H8-XSTPrice: $5.51
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott 1346-47 Daily Life (2) MINT NH BURF1346-47H8Price: $2.89
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott 1348-49 Cooking Instruments 2012 (2) MINT NH BURF1348-49H8-XSTPrice: $8.03
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott 1350-53 Flora - Forests 2012 (4) MINT NH BURF1350-53H8-XSTPrice: $15.41
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott 1354-57 Village Life 2012 (4) MINT NH BURF1354-57H8-XSTPrice: $14.88
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott 1358-59 Food Storage Containers 2012 (2) MINT NH BURF1358-59H8-XSTPrice: $6.06
 BURKINA FASO - Scott B3-4 Soccer Cup MINT NH BURFB3-4H8Price: $1.82
 BURKINA FASO - Scott C19 J.F. Kennedy S/S MINT NH BURFC19H8Price: $7.00
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott C51 500 Fr. Jet (Undervalued) MINT NH BURFC51H8Price: $6.00
 BURKINA FASO - Scott C60-61 Gandhi MINT NH BURFC60-61H8Price: $4.50
 BURKINA FASO - Scott C65 Lions Int'l MINT NH BURFC65H8-XSPrice: $2.00
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott C95-96 Charles DeGaulle MINT NH BURFC95-96H8-XSPrice: $10.00
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott C96 Charles De Gaulle MINT NH BURFC96H8Price: $9.70
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott C102-03 1972 Olympics MINT NH BURFC102-103H8-XSTPrice: $2.00
View ImageBURKINA FASO - Scott C104 Jimmy Smith U.S. Jazz (Music) MINT NH BURFC104H8Price: $8.00
 BURKINA FASO - Scott C200 UPU Centenary MINT NH BURFC200H8-XSTPrice: $4.00

Pageof 1  View:   Total Results: 30   Displaying: 1 to 30    | 

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In other words, a poor country with interesting stamps, little philatelic following and actually a scarcity of material. A challenging country to collect.

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